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Body Feminization Surgery

What is Body Feminization Surgery?

Body feminization surgery for transgender women includes a combination of body contouring and implant procedures designed to transform the torso and lower body for a more feminine appearance. By targeting specific areas of the body such as the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, hips and upper thighs using liposuction techniques, surgeons can significantly alter the shape of the body far beyond what could be achieved by diet, exercise and hormone therapy alone.

Body Contouring for Transgender Women

Cisgender women tend to have more curves. They typically have a far greater waist to hip ratio than men and tend to carry more weight in the lower abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. Cisgender men, on the other hand, tend to have straighter and more angular lines. Fat deposits tend to collect around the upper abdomen with less in the upper thigh or buttocks. Exercise alone can actually increase the masculine appearance of these areas. For this reason, surgery is often the solution to achieve a more feminine body in line with the patient’s gender identity.

Liposuction and implants are two effective methods for transgender women to achieve a more feminine appearance for the body. While liposuction is a common surgical procedure that has been in use for decades, its use for the feminization of transgender individuals requires specialization as the desired outcomes may be very different from those of cisgender patients. Surgeons at the Crane Center specialize in liposuction and body contouring for transgender individuals and have a unique understanding of the targeted body shape adjustments that will result in a significantly more feminine appearance.

Liposuction of the midsection along with buttock implants can help create a more feminine ratio of waist to hips, achieving more of an hourglass shape. Additional procedures to lift, expand and round the buttocks using either the repositioning of fat deposits or implants will also help to give transgender women a curvier physique.

Learn More About Body Feminization

Every case is unique and these optional gender-affirming procedures may not be right for everyone. The type and extent of surgery to pursue will depend on many factors including your body type, health status and personal desires. The surgeons at the Crane Center are experts in body feminization and will consult with you to determine the right combination of procedures to achieve your desired results. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

We acknowledge that terminology regarding transgender identities is evolving. We are committed to staying informed and using accurate terminology and inclusive language as determined by the individual themself.

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