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Metoidioplasty, or “meta” for short, is a good option for those who do not want to undergo Phalloplasty. The average length of a phallus after metoidioplasty is about 4-6 cm. This is long enough to direct a stream while standing.

Metoidioplasty surgery generally involves releasing a hormonally enlarged clitoris, urethroplasty (lengthening the urethra to the tip of the phallus), covering the phallus with neighboring skin, vaginectomy, and scrotoplasty. However, urethral lengthening, vaginectomy, and scrotoplasty are all optional.

Our surgeons are proficient in many different types of metoidioplasty to best suit the patient’s anatomy.  We take into consideration the size of the clitoral hood, urethral plate, and neighboring tissue to maximize the aesthetic result.  Our surgeons also perform a complete vaginectomy to create an anatomically male perineum. 

Scrotoplasty is performed using rotational flaps of the labia majora so that the scrotum is anterior in the anatomic male position. Testicular implants can be placed 6 months after scrotoplasty to minimize risk of implant erosion. If the patient desires a larger scrotum, tissue expanders can be placed prior to scrotoplasty.


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