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Glansplasty is a procedure that creates the corona of glans penis, or penis crown, which has a rounded projecting border. The result is a circumcised-looking phallus. Glansplasty is usually done during Stage 1 RFF Phalloplasty. For ALT Phalloplasty, Glansplasty is often performed at Stage 2. For further aesthetic refinement, patients may choose to pursue medical tattooing to add color to the glans.

There are two incisions after Glansplasty: one on the lower abdomen and one around the head or glans of the phallus where the skin graft is secured. It is OK to shower after 48 hrs.

  1. Lower abdomen incision: usually there are steri-strips located here. These will start to fall off or peel in about 7 days. As they start to peel, remove them in the shower. Keep the incision clean and dry.
  2. Skin graft behind glans: keep this area moist with antibiotic ointment (bacitracin or neosporin) applied directly onto it twice a day for 7 days. Thereafter, use vaseline or aquaphor for about one month. Once the wound is mature, no further moisturizing is required.

Complications from Glansplasty are low but include glans ridge atrophy, poor skin graft take, and wound infection. Should you have redness around the incisions that spread combined with increased drainage and fever, this is an infection and we need to be contacted immediately. Otherwise, scant bleeding and oozing is expected for 2-3 weeks. If bleeding is bright red and not stopping, hold pressure directly on the bleeding site for 5 minutes and call your surgeon for further directions.

Activity after Glansplasty: In general, anything that does not put strain on the abdominal incision is safe. Don’t do pull ups or sit ups for 6 weeks, but things like bicep curls are ok. Walking is encouraged and safe, and an elliptical should be ok too as long as you don’t feel a tug on the lower abdomen incision. No sprinting for 6 weeks. Jogging maybe safe by 4 weeks postop as long as it doesn’t put strain on the incision. Driving is allowed once no further pain med use is required.

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