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Transfeminine Bottom Surgery

What is Transfeminine Bottom Surgery?

Transfeminine bottom surgery, formerly known as MTF bottom surgery, includes specialized procedures to transform the male genitalia into female genitalia. Transfeminine patients can undergo a procedure known as vaginoplasty to create a fully functioning vagina or vulvoplasty to create only the feminine presenting labia. These feminization procedures result in a lower body that better aligns with the patient’s gender identity.

Crane Center surgeons are specialists in transfeminine bottom surgery, with experience performing hundreds of successful procedures. Your surgeon will discuss the surgery with you and answer any questions you may have about the procedure, including preparation, what to expect, and estimated recovery time.

Transfeminine Bottom Surgery Procedures

The Crane Center specializes in bottom surgery for transgender women, including techniques designed to maximize sensitivity in the newly constructed genitalia. Learn more about the various techniques below and call us to set up an initial consultation.


This procedure creates a vagina for transgender women. The patient’s penis, testicles and scrotum are removed and the skin is reused in the construction of a fully-sensitive and functioning vagina that includes a vaginal canal, labia and clitoris. In a technique known as penile inversion vaginoplasty, the skin of the penis is inverted into a newly-created vaginal canal, preserving the nerves and sensitivity of the skin. Crane Center surgeons specialize in vaginoplasty and the penile inversion technique.


In an orchiectomy surgical procedure for transgender women, the testicles and scrotum are removed and skin from the scrotum is used in the vaginoplasty procedure to create the labia majora as well as the vaginal vault. When the testicles are removed, the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm, are cut, so the patient will no longer be able to produce sperm or semen. Transgender women will, however, be able to experience the feeling of orgasm. Talk to your doctor to learn more about what to expect after your orchiectomy and vaginoplasty surgery.


The vulvoplasty procedure for transgender women creates feminine presenting genitalia, including the labia minora and labia major, without the addition of the vaginal canal or vault. This gender-affirming procedure offers an alternative to vaginoplasty for transfeminine individuals who are not interested in having penetrative vaginal intercourse.

Also referred to as labiaplasty, this surgical procedure uses the sensitive skin taken from the patient’s scrotum so that the newly created inner and outer labia have feeling. Creation of the clitoris, or clitoroplasty, is done using the highly sensitive skin from the glans of the patient’s penis.

We acknowledge that terminology regarding transgender identities is evolving. We are committed to staying informed and using accurate terminology and inclusive language as determined by the individual themself.

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