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Feminization Surgery

What is Feminization Surgery?

Feminizing surgery for transgender women includes a number of gender-affirming procedures for the face and body that seek to better align a person’s appearance with their gender identity, reducing gender dysphoria. Procedures to create a more feminine appearance include hair removal, hairline feminization, tracheal shave (Adam’s apple removal), chest contouring, buttock implants, hand feminization and more.

Many feminization options exist and each individual’s case is unique. The timeline and number of procedures can be customized to fit your needs and the specialists at the Crane Center will work with you to maximize your desired results.

Types of Feminizing Surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) includes a number of procedures to transform masculine characteristics of the hairline, nose, cheeks, lips and chin to give them a more feminine appearance.  These include forehead contouring, cheek implants, mandible reduction, hairline lowering, genioplasty (chin reduction) and much more. Learn about the FFS procedures available at the Crane Center.

Body Feminization Surgery

Body feminization includes a number of procedures to create a curvier presentation of the waist, hips and buttocks. The male physique typically has a V-shape with smaller hips and more angular buttocks. Through a combination of liposuction, implants and the repositioning of fat deposits, patients can achieve a more feminine waist-to-hip ratio and an overall more feminine appearance in line with their gender identity. Learn more about the BFS procedures available at the Crane Center.

The type and extent of feminization surgery to pursue will depend on your personal desires as well as your body type, health and other factors. Our surgeons are highly experienced in feminizing techniques for transgender women and will work with you to determine the right procedures to fit your needs.

We acknowledge that terminology regarding transgender identities is evolving. We are committed to staying informed and using accurate terminology and inclusive language as determined by the individual themself.

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