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Facial Masculinization Surgery

What is Facial Masculinization Surgery?

Facial masculinization surgery (FMS) includes procedures such as jaw and chin implants to create a more masculine appearance in transgender men. FMS offers transgender men the option to make much greater and more permanent facial feature changes than can be achieved by testosterone therapy alone. Masculine facial features such as a prominent, angular jawline, a larger and more angular forehead and the appearance of an Adam’s apple can be achieved using implants, fillers and surgical hairline adjustments.

Facial Masculinization Procedures

Jawline Contouring and Chin Augmentation

Transmasculine patients can achieve a larger and more angular jawline through a combination of bone grafts, implants and fillers. The bone and tissue of the mandible is enhanced and reshaped to create a sharper angle with a more masculine appearance. In addition, implants can be used to both widen and lengthen the chin, for greater overall balance to the face.

Thyroid Cartilage Implants (Adam’s Apple)

The protrusion of thyroid cartilage around the larynx is more visible in men and is often considered a masculinizing feature. In a fairly simple procedure that often takes less than an hour, transmasculine individuals can choose to have a cartilage or silicone implant inserted under the skin to create the appearance of an Adam’s apple.

Eyebrow Thickening

Masculine eyebrows are typically thicker and more angular, a look that can be achieved through hair transplantation using donor grafts taken from other parts of the body. The eyebrow thickening procedure is similar to other hair contouring procedures and can be done under local anesthesia in just a few hours.

Masculinizing Rhinoplasty

This procedure creates a wider and more prominent nose to better balance the other masculinized features of the face. The male nose is typically more angular in appearance and this can be achieved through a combination of bone grafting and contouring. Your rhinoplasty specialist will consult with you to determine the best options for your particular case.

Forehead Lengthening and Hairline Contouring

The appearance of an angular and more masculine forehead can be achieved through a number of procedures including bone contouring, bone grafting, a forehead lift and the injection of fillers. In addition, the hairline can be altered through the transplantation of hair grafts for a more masculine appearance.

Learn More About Facial Masculinization

Every case is unique and these optional gender-affirming procedures may not be right for everyone. The surgeons at the Crane Center are experts in facial masculinization and will consult with you to determine the right combination of procedures to achieve your desired results. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

We acknowledge that terminology regarding transgender identities is evolving. We are committed to staying informed and using accurate terminology and inclusive language as determined by the individual themself.

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