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ALT Phalloplasty Photos

ALT Phalloplasty Results

The following ALT phalloplasty results photos are provided by actual Crane Center patients who have given full consent to show them. In each of the photos shown below, skin from the thigh area of each patient was used to create the phallus. See healing and recovery results from only a few weeks to many years after having the procedure. To see photos of additional phalloplasty procedures, visit the RFF phalloplasty results page. Learn more about options for phalloplasty surgery.

Photo Disclaimer

The following images represent actual Crane Center patients who have consented to share their results. Crane Center has purposefully chosen to show a range of results, as we encourage greater transparency in transgender surgery results across the industry. Results represent a range of ages, body shapes, healing times, existing tissue and patient’s personal esthetic wishes. Photos are shot and provided by patients. Crane Center acknowledges that our results still do not represent the diversity of our patient population, but also understands that sharing photos is a very personal decision of each patient. Additional results photos are available exclusively to potential patients in the office per the request of the submitter. We encourage anyone interested in submitting your own result photos for consideration to email No permission, either express or implied, is granted for the use of these images outside of Crane Center and

Voiding Through Your Phallus

A primary surgical goal for many patients is standing to urinate. This requires Urethral Lengthening (UL) surgery, also known as Urethroplasty. Learn more about Urethroplasty here.

3 weeks post-op

3 weeks post-op

4 weeks post-op

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