ALT Phalloplasty Photos

One Month Post-Operative

ALT Phalloplasty Photos of Results

The donor site is wrapped in a bandage and the skin graft harvest site has healed well. Phallus is well healed. Glansplasty will be done in Stage 2 (see below for more information.)

Lateral view of ALT phallus that has healed well.

Occasionally, edema will develop in the phallus that can persist for up to 8 weeks post-op.

Lateral view of edema (swelling).  This will improve over time.

6-9 Months Post-Operative

Glansplasty is most often performed once the phallus has healed and established sufficient blood flow, which can be as early as  3-6 months post-op. 

 Patient A: 7 months post-op ALT Phalloplasty and 1 month post-op Glansplasty.

Patient A: 9 months post-op ALT Phalloplasty and 3 months after Glansplasty, lateral view.

Patient A:9 months post ALT Phalloplasty and 3 months after Glansplasty, frontal view. Note: The phallus donor site (right leg) and skin graft site (left leg) have healed well. 

3 months post-op Glansplasty

Voiding Through Your Phallus

A primary surgical goal for many patients is standing to urinate. This requires Urethral Lengthening (UL) surgery, also known as Urethroplasty. Learn more about Urethroplasty here.

3 weeks post-op

3 weeks post-op

4 weeks post-op

The Final Result

1.5 years post-op ALT Phalloplasty and 6 month post-op Glansplasty

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