ALT Phalloplasty Photos

One Month Post-Operative

The donor site is wrapped in a bandage and the skin graft harvest site has healed well. Phallus is well healed.

Lateral view of ALT phallus that has healed well.

Occasionally, edema will develop in the phallus that can persist for up to 8 weeks post-op.

Lateral view of edema (swelling).  This will improve over time.

6-9 Months Post-Operative

Glansplasty is most often performs once the phallus has healed and established sufficient blood flow.

  Glansplasty can be performed as early as   3-6 months post-op. 

 Patient A: 7 months post-op ALT phalloplasty and 1 month post-op glansplasty.

Patient A: 9 months post-op ALT phalloplasty and 3 months after glansplasty, lateral view.

Patient A:9 months post ALT phalloplasty and 3 months after glansplasty, frontal view. Note: The phallus donor site (right leg) and skin graft site (left leg) have healed well. 

3 months post-op glansplasty

The Final Result

1.5 years post-op ALT phalloplasty and 6 month post-op glansplasty

Voiding Through Your Phallus

3 weeks post-op

3 weeks post-op

4 weeks post-op

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