FTM Top Surgery Before and After Photos

Top Surgery results improve considerably with time. Scars fade, the chest shape settles and if you’re on Testosterone, hair growth can help obscure scars. Photos taken days and weeks after Top Surgery will still show bruising and swelling. Results after 1 year provide a good indication of final Top Surgery results, though results after a few more years will likely have improved further.

View FTM Top Surgery before and after photos from our expert surgeons, Dr. Crane and Dr. DeLeon in Austin, Texas, and Dr. Rodriguez in San Francisco, California.

Double Incision Top Surgery

FTM Top Surgery Before and After Photos


Double Incision Top Surgery Results

7 days post-op


7 days post-op

7 days post-op

6 months post-op

9 months post-op

1 year post-op

Keyhole Top Surgery

Keyhole Top Surgery Results

Patient A: 1 month post-op

FTM Top Surgery Before and After

Patient B: 6 months post-op

You can find more Top Surgery Before and After Photos from our surgeons on TransBucket.

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